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In 1967, James D. (Jim) Laughlin worked in partnership with Robert L. Ciuferi at Edwards Funeral Home, Troy, Illinois. Together they provided ambulance service and funeral service to the Troy community. In 1968, Jim purchased the funeral home and ambulance service in its entirety from Mr. Ciuferi, operating under the name of Edwards Funeral Home until 1973, when, at the requests of many area residents, the name was changed to Laughlin Funeral Home. Jim and his wife, Rosemary, raised three daughters while living in the upstairs of the funeral home for the next 20 years. Rosemary succumbed to cancer and passed away in December 1989. Jim subsequently married Deborah Kowalski Nemsky of Belleville, Illinois in December 1990 and they relocated to a private residence. The upstairs of the funeral home was renovated into offices and living quarters for the paramedics. Various remodeling upgrades have taken place over the years culminating with an entire renovation in the fall of 2001. At this time, a second chapel was added, as was a coffee lounge, arrangement offices and completely new restroom facilities. The exterior improvements included the addition of vinyl siding, fountains and a small pond and major landscaping projects as well as a ramp leading to the newly renovated front porch and entryway. The interior and exterior of the entire funeral home is handicap accessible.

Laughlin Ambulance Service is located on the premises of the funeral home, with their main operations based out of the upstairs working and living quarters. Jim's daughter and son-in-law, Catherine and Ira Burroughs assumed ownership of the growing ambulance business in 1991 while Jim focused on providing quality funeral service to the community of Troy.

In January 2008, Jim sold the funeral home to Guideon Richeson. Realizing the need for a social support program for widowed individuals, Guideon started the program "Friends" in April, 2008 with the assistance of Carol McCoskey.

The Laughlin - Richeson Funeral Home is currently serving the public under the direction of licensed funeral director and owner Guideon Richeson.